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Seattle Sutton Reviews

Seattle Sutton Reviews

This diet meal delivery service is family owned with over 25 years of experience. Seattle Sutton, the founder of this company, spent many years as a registered nurse and witnessed firsthand the need for diet meals that improved the health of patients. This is why this company believes the key to improving the customer's health lies in improving the way they eat.
Raisin Bread with Peanut Butter and Pineapple for $12.75?
Raisin Bread with Peanut Butter and Pineapple. No Seattle Sutton coupons available.
Turkey Breast Lunch. No Seattle Sutton coupon codes available.
Turkey Breast with a Baked Potato and Raw vegetables
Manicotti Dinner
Manicotti (came with five, two are pictured) and String Beans
Breakfast Pizza and OJ
Breakfast Pizza and OJ
Chicken Salad with Angel Food Cake and Cherry Tomatoes
Chicken Salad with Angel Food Cake and Cherry Tomatoes
Turkey Meatloaf with Creamed Corn, Mashed Potatoes and Cabbage Dinner
Turkey Meatloaf with Creamed Corn, Mashed Potatoes and Cabbage
$12.75 for Muffins and Yogurt?
Muffins and Yogurt Breakfast
Salad Breadsticks, Brownie Lunch
$12.75 for Salad, Breadsticks, and a Brownie?
Baked Chicken with Vegetables and Stale Bread and a Cookie
Baked Chicken with Vegetables, Stale Bread and a Cookie
I ordered a half week of Seattle Sutton meals for $153. This included 12 meals so they cost $12.75 each. My reviews are based exclusively on value, so a thumbs up means I liked the meal enough to want to order it again at the same price. Only one Seattle Sutton meal got a thumbs up in my opinion.

First, I have to say the quality of the meals are well above average. The food is extremely fresh, but perhaps a little on the bland side. The portion sizes are generally better than average too. I just can't say I would pay $12.75 for a muffin and a yogurt, a salad, raisin bread, store-bought tortilla chips, or a bowl of chili. I don' see much value in Seattle Sutton diet meals.

Some of the portion sizes seemed like they were incorrectly packaged for a diet meal plan. My manicotti dinner came with five, which made it a good value, but there has to be near 200 carbs in a meal like that. It was easily a meal for two people. A breakfast came with two omelets, which I am not sure I understand the nutritional logic of that either.

Shipping rates are not factored into my reviews, just the meals at the price I paid for them. Shipping to my area of the country was very expensive.

Just glancing at the pictures of meals from their menu, can you see a meal you think is worthy of $12.75? I had just one, and that was because it came with five manicottis, which seemed like a lot of carbs for a diet meal. Mostly, I found the meals I tried on the flavorless side, but I couldn't get past the surprise of what each meal costs for what I received.
Two Omelets with Potatoes and an Apple
Two Omelets with Potatoes and an Apple Breakfast
Tuna Salad on an English Muffin with Carrots and Chips
Tuna Salad on an English Muffin with Carrots and Chips
Turkey Chili with Oyster Crackers
Turkey Chili with Oyster Crackers

Seattle Sutton Coupon Codes

Seattle Sutton Review
They have many meal plans available to suit a variety of nutritional needs. Customers desiring to lose weight will find a plan with meals low in calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium.

Many health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and others require a specialized diet, which this service will accommodate. A 5-day a week maintenance plan is for customers wishing to maintain the weight they have lost or a health condition.
Chef Aldo Piquanti
At this time there are no Seattle Sutton Coupons. Please check back later, as I will be happy to publish Seattle Sutton Coupon Codes once they become available. I have been very impressed with the diet meals from BistroMD and the prepared meals on the DineWise Diet. I invite you to read, and watch my videos on these national diet programs.

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Seattle Sutton Coupons

Seattle Sutton Review by Chef Piquanti
A registered dietitian reviews their menus to ensure they are up to date when it comes to any dietary guidelines. Their meals are fresh prepared in a USDA certified kitchen. Meals rotate every 5 weeks, meaning that no meal will repeat itself within a 5 week time period.

Menus can be seen online accompanied by a picture and a small description of each meal. Customers choose whether they would like 1200 or 2000 calories a day, and they receive a total of 21 meals a week, complete with fresh produce. Customers who are on the weekday maintenance plan will receive 15 meals per week.
Customers can place an order by phone or online. If they place an online order, then they must register first. Customers are not required to sign up for recurring orders, but it is suggested they do because it is more convenient for them. They can discontinue recurring orders at any time, but they must do so by the deadline or they will receive another order.

The deadline to cancel a recurring order and to place a national home delivery order is noon Central Time on Friday. Orders are shipped in an insulated cooler for safety and to preserve the fresh food. Shipments are made using UPS 1-day ground, express or 2-day air. Meals arrive every 1/2 week- usually on Tuesdays and Fridays. Once meals arrive, they are easily heated in a microwave

Advantages of Seattle Sutton Diet Meal Delivery Service

  • Diet meals for a variety of health conditions
  • Meals plans designed for weight loss
  • Plans for pregnant and new mothers
  • Meals for sodium restricted diet
  • Meal plan that accommodates vegetarians
  • Convenient meals for those who are homebound
  • Gift certificates available for purchase
  • Available Nationwide
  • Deliver to home or office

Disadvantages of Seattle Sutton Diet Meal Delivery Service

  • Do not accommodate food preferences
  • Do not have gluten free menu plan
  • 5 week rotating menu may not provide enough variety for customers
  • Meal plans cannot be customized
  • No 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Seattle Sutton Review

My Chef Review. Below you will see some of the products I have tried from this supplier. My review scoring is simple: I give each meal a thumbs up or a thumbs down based on the quality of the meal at the price I paid for it. A thumbs up means I would buy it again at the posted price.

I also take into consideration everything I think would be important to a consumer, including the shipping process, the condition of the goods received, the packaging, and the ease and quality of the reheating process. Below is my Seattle Sutton review based on the prepared meals I have tried.

Click on each picture to see a close up of the meal.
For new and pregnant mothers it is difficult to shop or meal plan, but this service will keep them well nourished at their convenience.

Seniors and handicapped also have a great deal of trouble getting out to the store, but they can re-establish a sense of independence when they receive meals at their door.

Finally, vegetarians will find a nutritionally balanced plan through this service with the option to receive as few as 9 meals and up to 18 meals a week.
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