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Cheesecake.com Reviews

Cheesecake.com Reviews

Many believe that making cheesecake is a complicated process. It's basic ingredients generally consist of eggs, sugar, a fresh, soft cheese and some sort of crust. The first ever cheesecake dates back 4,000 years ago from ancient Greece. Since then, the basic cheesecake has evolved to a higher plane with the addition of fruits, toppings and flavors.

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My reviews are based on my entire customer experience. A "thumbs up" means I found enough value in the product to say I would order it again, and a "thumbs down" could mean it was a good product, but I would not buy it again at the price I paid for it. This how I believe I can show you the best value for your money. Here is my personal Cheesecake.com Review.
Chef Aldo Piquanti
By far, the most popular ones are New York styled cheesecakes. It has the same richness and consistency of French style cheesecakes, which are also light in flavor. They are made of heavy cheese and cream. The next renditions to cheese cakes are Chicago Style cheesecakes. The only difference that it has from the other cheese cakes is that they are firm from the outside and soft in the inside.

Then again, you also have the Pennsylvania Dutch and sour cream cheese cakes, another all-time favorite of everyone. And finally, they have the Roman style cheese cakes that use ricotta cheese and honey to bring a little twist to their flavor.

Cheesecakes As Gift Ideas

Edible foods always make perfect gifts, especially for those who are hard to gift. However, some may have a little hesitation to give out cheesecakes as their gift, maybe because they are just not sure what flavor will be most appreciated. But you don’t have to give a whole pie of one flavor for it to be special. In this case, a sampler option may be best with a presliced pie containing many different flavors in one box.

Cheesecake.com offers sumptuous cheesecakes with both options, either a whole pie of one flavor or a sampler pie with many different flavor slices included in one. Their flavors include strawberry cheesecakes, espresso cheesecakes, lemon bar cheesecakes, and more. All food ingredients used are all natural, with no added preservatives.

Cheesecake.com also offers other food gift products like pies, cookies, brownies, and whoopies. They even offer flavor of the month for their cheesecakes. They offer new varieties of cheesecakes that will surely satisfy anyone’s palate.

Best Sellers Cheesecake Flavors For Special Occasions

You don’t want your special occasion to start without them. But, when you say best sellers, expect that these cheesecakes should be ordered ahead of time. Choices for you are New York style cheesecakes, NY Strawberry topped, strawberry cheesecakes, President’s choice, Chocolate lovers, and the all time Traditional samplers.

A lot of food critics say that you could never find fault with cheesecakes.com’s strawberry swirl and NY strawberry topped cheesecakes. They use fresh strawberries and not those in cans that may bring other health hazards and contains so much sugar.

And for all those chocolate lovers, there are more offered to you. You have the all-time favorite chocolate swirl cheesecakes, and their chocolate raspberry cheesecakes. Their new add-on to their chocolate cheesecake choices are their triple and turtle chocolate cheesecakes.

Cheesecake.com also offers traditional samplers for those who want to have a sample of all their favorite cheesecake flavors. For instance, their President’s choice is a combination of all your chocolate cheese cake flavors and the traditional samplers are for all your NY cheesecakes and Strawberry swirls and topped cheesecakes.

New Cheesecake Flavors

This company never seems to run out of new and innovative chocolate flavors to offer. New additions to their chocolate choices are rocky road chocolate cheesecake, mint chocolate chip, white chocolate, cookies and cream, and chocolate cabernet truffles.

If ever you get tired of chocolate flavors, then you may also try their new fruity flavors. Marionberry, Cherry almond, key lime, raspberry swirl, caramel apple crunch, and lemon biscotti  are just some of the options. All offers different taste in each slice.

All these sumptuous cheesecakes can be ordered in different sizes. For example, if you only want to devour them with your family and need just about enough servings, you can go for 6 inches cheesecakes, or go for bigger chucks of 9 inches cheesecakes that could be shared by many.
You can assure that you would only receive nothing but the best, since the company offers 100% customer guarantee. Every bite is an experience and having to share cheesecakes to your love one is a whole new level of gifting.

Cheesecake.com Review
At this time, there are no Cheesecake.com coupons. The company does have an email newsletter service where you can sign up for special offers and general announcements from the company.

Once Cheesecake.com coupon codes become available, I will be happy to post and share them with you.
Six inch Cheesecake
Six inch Sampler Cheesecake
Shipping and packaging was perfect
NY Cheesecake purchased for my Cheesecake.com reviews
Shipping and packaging was perfect
NY Cheesecake
Turtle Cheesecake - no Cheesecake.com coupon codes available at this time.
Turtle Cheesecake
Ameretto Chesecake
Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake - no Cheesecake.com coupons available at this time.
Ameretto Cheesecake
Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake
I ordered the cheesecake six-inch sample or which included two slices of Amaretto cheesecake, New York Cheesecake, Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake, and the Turtle cheesecake. The price for this cheesecake was $32.99, making each slice $4.12. In retrospect, I should have ordered the larger 9-inch cheesecake, but this size was very comforting and an excellent way to sample the cheesecakes on their menu.

I would imagine that most people who order from cheesecake.com are doing so as a gourmet food gift for someone else. In fact, the checkout process of cheesecake.com requires you to enter the gift recipient's address. I was feeling a little under the weather that week, so I sent myself a get well soon cheesecake.
The classic New York cheesecake was excellent. It had a firm texture but maintained the creaminess one looks for in this file cheesecake. It was a pleasure to eat, and certainly a good value at $4.12 a slice.
Get well soon gourmet food gift idea
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Cheesecake.com Review by Chef Piquanti

Cheesecake.com Coupons

Ever since this decadent form of dessert was discovered it has become a favorite to serve on special occasions from holidays to weddings or simply "just because."

There is no such thing as just one style of just ordinary cheesecake. There are different kinds of cheesecakes from all over the world and it takes on different forms depending on where in the world it is made.

There have been so many renditions made to these scrumptious desserts, making them more popular than ever.
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The turtle cheesecake was also excellent, and another good value at $4.12 a slice.

The crunchy nut topping was a perfect texture match for this cheesecake, and any guests you might serve, or ship this cheesecake to will enjoy it immensely.

The Amaretto cheesecake had a wonderful hint of Amaretto flavor and was another good value at $4.12 a slice.

Again, the sliced nuts on top complemented the cheesecake perfectly.
The last cheesecake I tried was the Strawberry Swirl. It had a small strawberry jam filling baked into the cheesecake and was absolutely delicious. Of the four cheesecakes I tried, I highly recommend them all.

This gourmet food gift idea would be a perfect surprise to send anyone on your gift wish list, especially if they love cheesecake as much as I do. The shipping and packaging was flawless, and my cheesecake arrived in perfect condition. All I can do is rave about the quality and value of the products@cheesecake.com
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