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I went with two 2 lb. Lobsters which arrived perfectly.
Lobster AnyWhere Live Lobsters purchased for Lobster Anywhere Reviews.
Lobster AnyWhere Shipping Cooler
The lobsters are shipped and kept alive in coolers.
Lobster AnyWhere Cooked Lobster purchased with Lobster Anywhere Coupons and Lobster Anywhere Coupon Codes.
Delicious Cooked Lobster. If you watched the video, you can see a male and a female.
You don't have to visit many pages on this website to learn that when I buy gourmet food, I go large. That's how I roll, as my daughter tells me. So it should be no surprise that I ordered 2 lb lobsters, instead of the standard 1 1/4 pounders. That is $11 more for each lobster, and I still think this is a great value, and a gret service, especially if you want to give them as a gift.

Basically, a no-brainer.
Chef Aldo Piquanti
This page was last updated: 9/13/2015
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Lobster Anywhere Reviews - Cooked or Uncooked Lobster

Lobster Anywhere specializes in fresh frozen and live lobster as well as lobster tail brought to homes, restaurants, for businesses, and for special events in even the most remote locations. They use quality lobster straight from the Atlantic Ocean waters, and offer competitive prices because they eliminate the middleman. Their approach to service makes it easy for customers to place an order that arrives at the customer's door in style with professional packaging. In addition to lobster, they also have lobster gifts, shellfish, fresh shrimp, surf and turf, New England desserts and gift packages. This is all backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so customers can buy their gourmet lobster, seafood and gifts with confidence knowing this company stand by their product.
This company's live hard-shell lobster is caught fresh by fishermen off the shores of Maine. Customers are given the choice of one and a quarter, one and a half, two, three, and five to six pound lobsters.

Once they specify the weight, then they are given the price they will pay. The prices of live lobster will vary due to supply and demand because lobster is considered a wild food product. For customers who are new to cooking live lobster, each one comes with instructions on how to best cook this gourmet seafood treat.
The other ways in which customers can enjoy lobster include fresh frozen lobster claws, meat, pies, ravioli, rolls, and in macaroni and cheese.

Another delicious gourmet lobster treat provided by this company is fresh frozen lobster tails. They are all natural with no additives, and they are available in 6-7, 8-10, and 16-20 ounce sizes. Instruction on how to cook the lobster tail is included. Should a customer decide they would like to freeze their lobster tail, they may do so for up to six months. The other lobster tail gourmet foods available include baked stuffed, barbecue and fresh-shucked. These are all flash frozen, however, the baked stuffed lobster tail is cooked and then frozen, but the barbecue and shucked are frozen raw.

Lobster gift packages are a great gift for almost any occasion, and there is a variety of options. All of these gift packages include some form of lobster whether it is live lobster, lobster tails or another type of gourmet lobster cuisine. A few lobster dinner gifts have other meats such as Filet Mignon and barbecue baby back ribs.

Most of the packages give customers a choice as to whether they would like to purchase a dinner for two all the way up to servings for 12 people. They also present the customer with the option to purchase a gift certificate for the value of a package so the recipient can make the choice as to when, where and how they would like to enjoy their lobster dinner gift.

Packages that include live lobster are complete with steel crackers, forks, red-checkered napkins and lobster bibs. A gift message can be added as well so there is personalized touch to each lobster dinner gift package.

Customer who desire other types of seafood, or would like to add to a gourmet lobster purchase will find a selection of shellfish, surf and turf, New England desserts, and tools to make cooking and eating seafood easier. Shellfish offerings include mussels, scallops, steamer clams, baked stuffed shrimp and jumbo shrimp cocktail.

Their surf and turf selection has Filet Mignon plain and wrapped in bacon, New York strip steak and baby back rib from which customers can choose. A few examples of desserts for purchase include whoopie pies, chocolate cream pie, fudge and truffles. Tools for purchase include a lobster pot, clarified butter and seafood utensils.

Customers can place an order online, or they may call customer service. Shipments are made by Federal Express overnight and second day air delivery. They are careful to pack gourmet lobster products with great care and in a professional manner by shipping them in a reusable Styrofoam container with gel packs to keep food cool during transit.

Their live lobster will live for 36-48 hours if they are kept cool or refrigerated. They advise customers to cook lobster on the day it arrives, refrigerate and eat all lobster within a three day period.

Their user-friendly website is not only easy to navigate, but it is visually appealing and provides customers with valuable resources. Customers will find resources to help them cook, information about lobster, a newsletter, blog, New England seafood recipes, cooking lobster videos and more.

Advantages of Lobster Anywhere

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Live lobster delivered straight to the customer’s door.
  • Fresh frozen cooked lobster, other seafood, meat and desserts available.
  • Gift packages available.
  • Gift certificates available.
  • User-friendly website that is easy to navigate.

Disadvantages of Lobster Anywhere

  • Gourmet lobster is relatively expensive compared to other gourmet food and cuisine gifts.
  • Customers who wish to buy wholesale will find little information on the website, and must contact them using a special email address for more information.

Lobster Anywhere Review

My reviews are based on my entire customer experience. A "thumbs up" means I found enough value in the product to say I would order it again, and a "thumbs down" could mean it was a good product, but I would not buy it again at the price I paid for it. This is how I believe I can show you the best value for your money.

I also take into consideration everything I think would be important to a consumer, including the shipping process, the condition of the goods received, the packaging, and the ease and quality of the reheating process. Below is my Lobster Anywhere review based on the products I have tried.

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