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Stonewall Kitchen Reviews

Stonewall Kitchen Reviews

Stonewall Kitchen is known for their specialty foods. It all started from the humble beginnings of two friends making homemade bottled jams and joining Saturday local farmer's markets, which eventually lead them to bigger business opportunities nationwide.
Chef Aldo Piquanti
Specialty Foods

Their specialty foods start with their Aioli. These are all natural sauces that are made out of olive oil, eggs, and  garlic that could be served both as sauce or dressing. They are best paired with fishes, burgers, vegetables, sandwiches,  and even on potato fries. The uses to these sauces are limitless, and they are only for the price of $7.

Pastry lovers will not be empty handed. Stonewall Kitchen has numerous mix products to offer. What is more, some of these mixes are gluten-free, which is something that many people require, but may have difficulty finding. Other mix products they offer are bread  mix, breakfast mixes, dessert mixes, and holiday baking mixes; all under $10.

Stonewall Kitchen gluten-free mixes includes, gluten-free pancakes and waffles, gluten-free chocolate brownie mix, chunk cookies, and  pizza crusts. Their bread mixes include cornbread, cheddar herbs, rosemary parmesans, cinnamon swirls, and more. For their  breakfast mixes they have the classic chocolate chip, sugar cookies, brownie mixes, and oatmeal crisps. They even include  pies, pizzelle mixes, and chocolate fudges.

Next to their specialty foods are beverage mixes. This section includes mixers of blood Mary mixer, margarita,  pomegranate, watermelon mojito, and more. They also include coffees and teas, which includes coastal morning, wild maine blueberry, raspberry peach, and farmhouse blend teas and coffees. They also have hot chocolates mixes like hot choco and  marshmallows, peppermint hot chocolates, and mulled cider mixes.

Other great products that Stonewall Kitchen has to offer are their condiments, pasta sauces, salsas, and jams. By far, their best condiments and pastas are country ketchups, spicy corn relish, marmalade, sun-dried tomato, and pesto pastas.

Electric Gadgets

Stonewall Kitchen also caters to home electronics that are very handy for everyone. Their electronic gadgets start with their coffee and tea electronics, grills and griddles, blenders and juicers, and other special electrics.

They have tea infusers, kettle descaler, coffee makers, and coffee grinders, as well as numerous styles of capresso and  tea kettles. Professional griddles, juicers, cup cake makers, ice cream and popcorn makers, and many more are among the new electronics Stone wall kitchen has.

Stonewall Kitchen makes sure that their site is a one stop shop for everything that the customer needs. They cater to almost everything needed in the house, such as furniture, tote bags, home decor, gardening, homekeeping, and even for your pets.

They have furniture exclusively manufactured for all their customers. They start with their country plate racks, parlor cabinets, tables, and carts. Simple home decor from different kinds of candles, and decorative accessories like bamboo and wooden ornaments, tile coasters, metal designs, wind chime, wind bells, and birdhouses are also available. 

Great finds abound for plant lovers, such as garden hand scrubs, garden barrier creams, garden hand salves, and insect sprays, thermometers, and more. Home cleaning tools and supplies are also available for grab in their site, from cotton towels, laid-back brushes, dish cloths, and home cleaning products.

Prepared Foods

Eating healthy and having scrumptious foods is a great bonus from Stonewall Kitchen, especially if you need rushed foods for special occasions, or if you needed a unique gift to impress someone. Their prepared foods start with their breads and  pastries. Desserts like pecan buns, mini fancy apples, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and tiramisu are ready for grabs along with their entrees of sea foods, poultry and meat, as well as party bite treats, which are great for party and special gatherings.

If you need a unique gift to give, on the other hand, then you may simply shift the page to gifts and look up hundreds of available gift ideas. Their organic gifts start with their home made mixes, sauces, and various gift baskets of beverages and condiments.

Stonewall Kitchen School

Stonewall Kitchen intends not only to make a profit, but also to share their success to everyone who wants to venture out to their own business line someday. What is great about their schools is that they provide all the available classes of  schedules online. This way, their interested future students would have a glimpse of the schedule they want to join and  therefore, adjust their own availability.

They teach different recipes and international cooking styles, such as authentic Mexican dishes, Italian cuisines, Spanish tapas, summer brunches, desserts, pizzas, and more.

Indeed, simple pleasures can give you ultimate happiness. And this is what Stonewall Kitchen is all about as a company.

Advantages of Stonewall Kitchen

  • Their company is a one stop shop for just about anything that you need at home
  • Site is user friendly
  • They help people learn and join the business world
  • They give back their blessings by helping their community through cancer prevention programs, education and  feeding programs

Disadvantages of Stonewall Kitchen

  • Do not offer 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • They may only expedite products to 48 states only

Stonewall Kitchen Review

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Stonewall Kitchen, LLC
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Stonewall Kitchen Coupons

All about Stonewall Kitchen with co-founder
and co-owner Jonathan King
Today, Stonewall Kitchen has more than 100 products up for grabs. They offer products such as Aioli, food mixes, beverages, homemade condiments, dessert toppings, vegetable and salad dressings and oils, pastas and risottos, fruit butter and honeys, sauces, marinades, jams, mustards, pancakes, pantries, pasta sauces, prepared foods, salsas, snacks, spices and rubs, syrups, and more.

Their company expanded when they ventured into additional products like electronics, kitchenware, tableware, home and  garden, gift baskets, and corporate gifts. And their business line continues to grow.
Very Disappointing Sun Dried Tomato Sauce

I see you gave a good review to this company. Have you ever tasted the sun dried tomato sauce? It is horrible. Too much vinegar, nothing like it should be. Very very disappointing, also given the $7 for a small. I am going to try to give it back to the store. Never done it before, but this product does not deserve to be sold.
-Deborah M.

Thank you for your feedback Debroah! When it comes to tomato sauce, I have to confess I am a purest, and believe some things are perfect as they are. I do, on occasion, travel outside my comfort zone, and I agree sun-dried tomato sauces do not come close to the classical versions. In fact, a few years ago, "sun-dried tomatoes" became a fad and were put in everything. I am happy to see those days pass.

You sound like an expert on the product. What brands would you recommend?

-Chef Piquanti
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