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La Cense Beef Reviews

La Cense Beef Reviews

La Cense Beef has been providing and delivering 100 percent grass fed steaks to people’s homes for numerous years. La Cense’s Montana Ranch is the first grass-fed program to be approved by the USDA.

La Cense Beef Coupon Codes

At this time, there are no La Cense Beef Coupons or coupon codes available. When coupons or coupon codes do become available, I will be happy to post them for you. Use the link to the left to take advantage of special savings.
Their premium Black Angus cattle reside on 88,000 acres. Their cattle roam free and engage in rotational grazing across the ranch.

Their premium beef is verified through a USDA Process Verified Program. Cattle are not treated with hormones or antibiotics, and are raised in a humane environment that is stress-free to bring quality beef to the consumers table.

Beef can be purchased as gifts or be purchased in bulk. The process is convenient and the high-quality gourmet cuts are coveted by many people.
The company stands behind the beef they provide their customers. If the orders do not match the standards of the customers, a full refund of the customer’s money will be awarded. The team strives to provide the best customer service and care of their cattle.

Different Cuts of La Cense Beef Available

  • Steakburger Patty. Steakburger patties are made of the highest quality ground beef and of the most affordable selections on the menu. Consumers receive 16 oz. for $7.99.

  • Beer Sliders. Consumers receive 20, two ounce beef sliders for $19.99. Beef sliders are an excellent selection for parties or get-togethers.

  • Filet Mignon. Filet mignon is a excellent cut of beef. The beef is usually available in a four pack. Each filet mignon is seven ounces and can be purchased for $99.

  • Ribeye Strip Steak. Ribeye steak also comes in packages of four. The steaks are seven ounces each and cost consumers $59.

  • London Broil Steak. London broil steak can be purchased for $49.00 in a pack of four. Each steak is eight ounces.

  • Sirloin Tips. Sirloin tips are available in one pound quantities. The tips cost $25 and are great for stir fry or other beef tip recipes.

  • Other Cuts Include: New York strip steak, tri-tip roast, chuck shoulder roast, flank steak and tenderloin medallions.

La Cense Beef participates in sustainable ranching, and never finished their cattle by adding grains to their diet. Cattle are grazers and eat grass naturally. Corn and grains can be used by other ranches to supplement the cost of maintaining cattle. All La Cense Beef's cattle enjoy free roaming throughout their ranch.

Advantages of La Cense Beef

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Bulk Beef Program
  • Auto Delivery Service
  • Recipe section
  • Small menu of prepared meals
  • Competitively priced
  • La Cense Beef 2012 Taste Champion

Disadvantages of La Cense Beef

  • Website shows nutritional information for some products, but not all
  • No sales or special offer section

La Cense Beef Review
La Cense Beef Chef Adam Perry Lang provides a recipe for cooking their Chateaubriand.
Chef Aldo Piquanti
La Cense Beef Ribeye frozen in the packaging
10 oz. Ribeye frozen and in the packaging. Paid $41.99 for two steaks
La Cense Beef Flat Iron Steak frozen in the packaging
10 oz. Flat Iron Steak frozen and in the packaging. I paid $23.99 for two steaks.
La Cense Beef Skirt Steaks frozen in the packaging
12 oz. Skirt Steaks frozen and in the packaging. I paid $34.99 for two steaks.
Here is my first order from La Cense Beef. As you can see, I selected some different cuts by choosing the Flat Iron Steak and the Skirt Steak. Ribeye's always seem to make it to my shopping cart when I'm buying steak online. These steaks are generally larger than what the average customer might puchase. 6 oz. amd 8 oz. steaks are certainly normal, so please keep that in mind when you look at the prices. But I can assure you, if I would buy my 10 oz. Flat Iron again, you will want to try a 6 oz. or 8 oz. version of it.
My La Cense Beef order arrived on time and in perfect condition. No La Cense Beef coupon codes available at this time.
Shipping went very well. In fact, I received my steaks just two days after ordering them. They arrived rock-solid frozen, and the dry-ice hadn't melted yet. On the day this order was received it was near 100 degrees.

The delivery people these days just drop them at your front door, so I don't know how long they could have been out there.

Each pair of steaks came in their own little box, as you can see here in the picture. The individual steaks are also labeled if you are so inclinded to take them out of the box to maximize freezer space. My Skirt Steaks didn't come with a label.
I started my order with the 10 oz. Ribeyes. I have to confess, I have been eating a lot of ribeyes from Allen Brothers, Colorado Prime, and Omaha Steaks over the past month, and I still have a taste of high-quality in my mouth. I felt these steaks fell a little short compared to others I have tried.

My first observation was that they were pretty thin, which has a direct effect on cooking times. I was able to grill it perfectly, but at the end of the meal I felt I would be more inclined to get Ribeyes from another supplier. I didn't get a full flavored steak compared to others. At $20.99 per steak, I don't feel that I would order these steaks again, so they get a thumbs down.

However, my guests thought they were the best steaks of the order, and skipped seconds on the Flat Iron and the Skirt Steak to have more of the Ribeyes. Really? As good as Allen Brothers, Colorado Prime, or Omaha? And my guests answered Yes, which left me torn with my review.
My La Cense Beef order arrived on time and in perfect condition.
Ribeye Grilled - no La Cense Beef coupons available at this time.
Ribeye Grilled
Flat Iron Grilled - Received a thumbs up La Cense Beef Review
Flat Iron Grilled
Grilled Skirt Steaks receive thumbs up La Cense Beef Reviews.
Skirt Steak Grilled
How Can Consumers Save Money with
La Cense Beef

Special Packs. Special packs are also available to help consumers save money. These packages feature different cuts of beef. The special packs are less expensive than single cuts of beef, but not as economical as the bulk beef program.

Bulk Beef Program. To save money with the beef, customers may purchase a whole or partial cow through the bulk beef program.

Customers can save as much as 24 percent with the purchase of a whole cow. The more a customer buys, the larger the discount becomes.
One family or multiple families can get together and buy a whole cow. This saves consumers money and raises the quality of beef. By buying an entire cow, customers eliminate numerous trips to the market.

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La Cense Beef Review by Chef Piquanti
My reviews are based on my entire customer experience. A "thumbs up" means I found enough value in the product to say I would order it again.

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La Cense Beef
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It had a clean steak flavor like steaks did from 20 years ago. At $11.99 I though it was an excellent value. This is a steak you don't see in many local markets, so be sure to add some to your order.

I have been a huge fan of Skirt Steak for most of my life. They became popular a few years ago, and the prices seemed to double. Even so, they are great steak, with awesome flavor. It is near critical to cut your steak against the grain to avoid a chewy experience!

The La Cense Beef Skirt Steak is excellent. You can see by the picture how large the steak is, and can easily become four servings, but two is more realistic in my house. These steaks come with so much flavor, I recommend just salt and pepper, or your favorite steak seasoning. The steak is a good value at $17.49, and much better than what you could buy them for at your supermarket.

Overall, I found the packaging, shipping, and quality of these steaks to be a good value.
After considering the feedback of my guests, I decided to keep my original review of a thumbs down because while my guests are only too happy to come over and eat as many steaks as I can prepare, none of them are likely to buy a steak online, much less pay $20.99 for one.

My Flat Iron steaks were a different story. They were the best I ever had! Flat Iron steaks can come in some pretty odd shapes, and I am happy to say these came in the perfect size and shape for an entree. They have a robust sirloin flavor, and it was the first grass-fed steak I tried where you could really taste the difference.
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