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The Tender Filet Reviews

Chef Aldo Piquanti
The Tender Filet Reviews

The Tender Filet is more than an online meat shop. They take pride in offering not only quality meats and poultry, but premium steaks that are aged 21 days, which allows their flavors to develop and makes them incredibly tender. This is something that most butcher shops and grocery stores can't afford to.
With The Tender Filet, you are in control. Their online account makes it easy for you to track down your orders, as well as review your previous purchases. Plus, besides saving money from trips to supermarkets and undeniably high gasoline charges, but you can also receive more savings from your purchases as well. The Tender Filet offers discount coupons that could give you as much as 10% to $100 discount. Sales and special pricing may come from a catalog or other mailing. Promo codes are only available if you sign up for their emails.

With as low as $15 per month of gourmet meat and steak, The Tender Filet makes it so that you can eat top quality food at an affordable price. What is more, you are assured that your orders get to you fresh. They ship your meat in dry ice, allowing them to retain all the nutrients, texture, and flavor. Preparation, on the other hand, is not a worry. They are easy to prepare and all you have to do is to reheat them. The Tender Filet offers a wide variety of gourmet steaks and meat that will stand out and impress at any dinner or special celebration.

The Tender Filet Premium Aged Steaks

It is not a myth, it is true that aged steaks are more tender and flavorful than those meats generally found in butcher shops, markets and grocery stores. Aged meats allow enzymes to transform fats and carbohydrates into amino acids, sugar, and fatty acids. This age process can take days and even months, wherein meats are dry-aged under high humidity. Only then, can fusion of flavors come in, which is why aged meats are hard to find.

The Tender Filet has aged filet mignon, porterhouse, T-bone, rib eye, center cut New York, Sirloin, kobe, hanger, and flat iron. These steaks are hand selected and prices differ according to the thickness of cuts and ounce ordered. Also, your steaks come in a reusable cooler in dry ice to keep your meat in good condition.

Among the meats you will get are 2-inch thick filet mignon from $56 to $285, porterhouse steak of 1 1/4-inch thick from $69.95 to $182, 1-inch thick T-bone from $55 to $217, and kobe style sirloins from $79 to $145.

The Tender Filet Special Beef

The Tender Filet offers the best of their beef products at the best prices. Take, for instance, their special top sirloin roast for $69.95, beef willington for $62, bone-in prime rib for $92, Wisconsin brats for $51, and more. They also have gourmet steak burgers, like wave turkey burger, 100% steak burger patties, mushroom and onion burger steaks, bacon burgers, and more.

The Tender Filet also offers combo promos. These are combo meats of your favorite dishes like burrito, brats, and burgers for $55, steaks and seafood for $121, king-size steak burgers for $193, white meat selections for $63, and much more.

The Tender Filet Main Dishes and Entrees

The Tender Filet has a few main entrees to offer that they deem "delicious beyond compare." These main dishes are cooked to perfection by skilled chefs and could be prearranged according to customer's needs and health specifications. If you want them in less salt or less in fat and carbohydrates; The Tender Filet would be happy to do just that.

Among the choices you will get are beef stew, creamy beef stroganoff, pot roast, burrito combos, country chicken puff, Italian meatballs, and T-bone with mashed potatoes.

The Tender Filet Pork, Poultry, and Lamb

Their pork and poultry as well as their lamb are another addition to your gourmet choices. These meats are hormone and steroid free, and only feed on organic materials.

The Tender Filet offers over 16 precooked chicken meals, such as chicken marsala, chicken dumplings, buffalo chicken sticks, chicken breast cordon bleu, baked chicken wings, stuffed hen, ginger sauced drumsticks, country chicken puff, and more. Other gourmet poultries, include Tur-duc hen, roasted duck leg, and marinated duck breast.

For pork choices, you can opt for stuffed pork loin, boneless roast pork loin, stuffed pork chops, pork osso buco, barbeque ribs, baked ham, and a lot more. Their lamb, on the other hand, includes rosemary lamb shanks, roast leg of lamb, lamb chops, and wellington collections.

The Tender Filet Seafood Choices

The Tender Filet has made sure that their customers can enjoy a wonderful seafood meal whenever they have a yearning, because they can deliver their seafood items next to your doorstep within the next business day. They have seafood choices of lobster, crab, and shrimp. Their seafood items are flash-frozen ensuring their freshness.

Their lobster choices include lobster bisque, succulent lobster tails, and lobster meat. Their crab, on the contrary, includes crab imperials, Alaskan King crab tasty legs, and gourmet crab cakes. And for their shrimp, they have jumbo fantail shrimp, shrimp scampi, crispy coated shrimps, and tequila and lime dipped shrimps.

The Tender Filet Must-Have Desserts

To complete your food cravings, The Tender Filet also includes a celebration of flavors from their delectable desserts. They have 11 must-try cakes, pies, and rolls. They offer triple berry cheesecakes, ice cream truffles, pecan pie, cinnamon rolls, red velvet layer cakes, vanilla cheesecakes, strawberry shortcakes, lemon cake, cherry cheesecakes, and more; all for reasonable prices and serves more than 8 people.

Advantages of The Tender Filet

  • Has online catalog and steak guides
  • Offers recipe guides
  • Offers gift certificates
  • Offers 100% customer satisfaction
  • It seems as though they publish all of their customer reviews, both good and bad

Disadvantages of The Tender Filet

  • Customer service is only through phone and email
  • Has paying interest rates on purchases

The Tender Filet Review

My The Tender Filet reviews are based on my entire customer experience. A "thumbs up" means I found enough value in the product to say I would order it again, and a "thumbs down" could mean it was a good product, but I would not buy it again at the price I paid for it. This how I believe I can show you the best value for your money.

At this time, I have not yet tried any products from The Tender Filet, but I will soon! Sign up for my newsletter and stay informed when I write my next The Tender Filet Review.

The Tender Filet Coupon Codes

At this time there are no The Tender Filet Coupons. Please check back later, as I will be happy to publish The Tender Filet Coupon Codes once they become available.
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These prime steak cuts were previously only found in the most prominent restaurants, but The Tender Filet has made it easy and affordable for their customers to enjoy them right in their own home. Their meats are purchased from a USDA approved distributor who also supplies steak to some of the finest restaurants across the country.

Ordering from their site is very simple. All you have to do is to select the items you want, check out, give your account information, and you are done. No more hassles of submitting referrals, and answering questions like, "How did you hear about us?"

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