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Moms Meals Reviews

Moms Meals Reviews

Moms Meals provides prepared meals made by their executive chefs. Meals are made to be fresh and not frozen in a USDA certified kitchen. They utilize special packaging to preserve meals so they arrive fresh at the customer's door with no added preservatives. All meals are nutritionally sound, planned by a dietitian, and Diabetic friendly.
Pork and Marsala Sauce with Rice
Pork and Marsala Sauce Senior Prepared Meals
Chicken and Noodles Senior Prepared Meals
Chicken and Noodles
Florentine Lasagna with Turkey Sausage Senior Prepared Meals
Florentine Lasagna with Turkey Sausage
Tuna Casserole
Tuna Casserole Senior Prepared Meals
Baked Ziti Senior Prepared Meals - no Moms Meals coupons available
Baked Ziti with Meatballs and Mixed Vegetables
Meatloaf Senior Prepared Meals - no Moms Meals coupon codes available
Meatloaf with Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables
3 Bean Chili
3 Bean Chili Senior Prepared Meals
Beef Stew Senior Prepared Meals
Beef Stew
Stuffed Pepper Senior Prepared Meals
Stuffed Pepper with Rice
After my personal experience tasting the prepared meals from this company, I'm not sure going to the supermarket and loading up on frozen dinners isn't a better option for low-cost senior meals.

The $5.99 price point is about double what you can buy a TV dinner for when they are on sale. If the food quality were better than, or at least equal to Swanson's, Stouffers, or Lean Cuisine, I might say you have something with Moms Meals. I just didn't experience that kind of quality in my order.
Mom's Meals Spaghetti and Marinara Sauce
The private pay program offers customers a large selection of many different meals. Customers are able to choose from a variety of diet plans like heart friendly, carbohydrate controlled, gluten free, or a vegetarian menu option.

Once they select their menu option, customers must select whether they would like 10, 14 or 21 meals. They may also choose whether they would like to place a single order, or receive their meal orders weekly or bi-weekly. Shipments for those using this program are made to customers living in the continental US.
At $5.99 these meals may not have as much value as frozen TV dinners on sale at the supermarket.
Moms Meals Review
Chef Aldo Piquanti
Sadly, the Baked Ziti with Meatballs also earned the honor of being one of the worst I have ever tried. If there was any meat in the meatballs, I couldn't taste it. I am sure you would agree the picture of this meal is far from appetizing. The Stuffed Pepper meal was equally disappointing and flavorless, and the Spaghetti and Marinara Sauce with string beans was severely lacking in the amount of sauce they provided with this very simple meal.

Of the meals that received a "thumbs up," they did so only because of the price of the meal. Had they been $.25 more, I do not think they would have passed the grade. The Tuna Casserole was good, and a pleasure to see on the menu. Not many meal delivery services offer this meal.
If you like Campbell's Chicken and Noodle Soup, you will like the Chicken and Noodles meal. It is basically the same thing without the broth. The Florentine Lasagna with Turkey Sausage may have been the best of the meals I personally purchased and tried from this company. It had it flaws in flavor, sauce, and cheese, but it did pass the value test for a $5.99 meal.

If you really want to do your loved one a favor and provide better meals than the supermarket frozen food aisle, I would recommend DineWise, Home Bistro, MagicKitchen, Schwans, and FreshDirect if you live in the New York City area. EasyLife Meals has much better food for a $1 more at $7.99 per meal.
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Visitor Comments

I ordered 10 meals last week, they were delivered in a timely manner, and I have to say they are the absolute worst food I have ever eaten!!!!  The vegetables in the pepper rubbed steak dinner were unrecognizable. We have no idea what they were.  I wish to cancel my membership immediately, and have no wish to participate in this program. I am sorry this did not work out, it would be quite helpful.  I wonder if anyone else feels as I do.

-Nancy Larson

Wish I had read the reviews before I purchased 21 meals. It's back to the grocery store for me. The chicken texture was equal to the meat of laying hens that were butchered for meat because they were too old to lay eggs--very tough and stringy.

-Gretchen Toshach

As for the alternative, which is meals on wheels or an equivalent, those meals, at least in my area are truly atrocious. as for the 5.99 cost, it does seem on the high side, but in my box which I receive every 2 weeks, I receive 14 meals,3 juice boxes,11 oranges, which are sunkist valencias, 9 slices of individually wrapped wheat bread, several p-nut butteer and margarine packs, and a 14 serving packet of powdered milk. the meals are packaged in a way that they stay fresh for 14 days in fridge.

-Daniel Jennings

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Visitor Comments
The goal of this meal service is to provide prepared meals to the elderly, ailing and disabled who have a difficult time preparing meals for themselves. They are especially interested in reaching those who live in more remote locations, so they also can receive fresh prepared meals they simply heat and eat.

They believe this frees other meal services to assist people living in easier to reach areas.

There are two meal programs in which customers can participate. They are the private pay program and state sponsored programs.
Moms Meals Review by Chef Piquanti
State sponsored programs accept a Medicaid waiver and Title lll C-2. They will work with case managers and help relieve their work load by doing the clients nutritional planning. These freshly prepared meals and services are available in over 30 states.

These prepared meals are packaged to last for as much as two weeks in the refrigerator. This is achieved with the newest USDA technology. The instructions to heat meals in the microwave are conveniently placed on a label on the meal package, making them easy to find. Meals are shipped in Styrofoam coolers and kept cool and fresh with gel packs.
Advantages of Moms Meals Prepared Meals

  • Guaranteed fresh
  • Meals prepared in a USDA certified kitchen
  • No preservatives added to meals
  • All meals are Diabetic
  • A large selection of as many as 50 meals
  • Excellent customer service available
  • Accepts Medicaid waiver and Title lll C-2
  • State sponsored programs are available in over 30 states
  • Ships to all 48 states in the continental U.S. for private pay program

Disadvantages of Moms Meals Prepared Meals

  • Lesser quality food to meet low price point of $5.99 per meal
  • Website is difficult to use
  • Nutritional labels and heating instructions are hard to read
  • No satisfaction guarantee
  • Refunds are only granted for meals cancelled within the allotted time frame

Our Moms Meals Review found customer testimonials saying they are very satisfied with the fresh ingredients and quality of meals provided to them. Customers know the meals they receive will meet all of their nutritional needs. The ordering of meals for the elderly, ill, and disabled who use state sponsored programs to obtain meals is made simple. The option to order under the private pay program allows for all other customers to receive these delicious and nutritionally sound meals.

Moms Meals Review

My Chef Review. Below you will see some of the products I have tried from this supplier. My review scoring is simple: I give each meal a thumbs up or a thumbs down based on the quality of the meal at the price I paid for it. A thumbs up means I would buy it again at the posted price.

I also take into consideration everything I think would be important to a consumer, including the shipping process, the condition of the goods received, the packaging, and the ease and quality of the reheating process. Below is my Moms Meals review based on the prepared meals I have tried.

Click on each picture to see a close up of the meal.
Prepared Meal Reviews by Chef Piquanti
Mom's Meals
In fact, if I could have scored a double thumbs down on some of these meals, I would have. The Meatloaf with Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables was certainly a candidate.

I found this meatloaf to be one of the worst I have ever tried. The Beef Stew was nothing more than a pile of frozen vegetables tossed into a tray with some meat, and a very watery gravy that lacked any kind of seasoning.

I found the watery trend to continue with meals like the Three Bean Chili. It was closer to a soup, and again, lacked any flavor or spice you would expect from a chili.
The Pork and Marsala Sauce with Rice had some very tiny pieces of pork, partnered with dry and sticky rice that didn't reheat well in the microwave.
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