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The Perfect Gourmet Reviews

The Perfect Gourmet Reviews

The name, The Perfect Gourmet, literally speaks for itself. They offer everyday culinary experiences by providing gourmet dishes that are not just perfect for your daily dining, but also for all your special events. Their dishes come from wide variety of cuisine cultures, from Asian, French, to English. Which is why, they can be perfect for any dinner date, birthdays, corporate events, and even your get well soon and sympathy gift idea.
Chef Aldo Piquanti
One thing that elevates them to a higher level from all the other home delivery services is how convenient their prices, serving sizes, and even their website itself are to all their customers. Price ranges from $20 to $50 per meal. Nonetheless, you can guarantee a feast for the eyes and satisfaction of your palate.

All their meals are good for families with 4 to 5 family members. Their hearty entrees can be good for more than one sitting. You can have them for lunch and save the leftovers for dinner, if there are some. You can simply prepare meals just right for you whenever needed.
If you want to budget more your money, you may check out their site and consider their serving per package as well as the cost per serving. This way, you can weigh how much you need to order for the day or the week.

The Perfect Gourmet offers three main services for your liking; their appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Their appetizers are perfectly designed for small gatherings or family affairs. They can be purchased in assortments or in small servings. They have various choices of Asian pot stickers that can bring you explosive Far Eastern taste.

You can enjoy a restaurant-style experience with their gourmet appetizers, including Stuffed Shrimp, Anti-Pasto Skewers, Carribbean Shrimp Skewers, Cheesy Crab Pretzel, and more. They also offer conventional appetizers like Franks in a blanket made of all beef frank, and their Quesadilla Cornucopia with smoked chicken.
The Perfect Gourmet offers 100% customer satisfaction not only with the meals they make, to the ingredients used, and the ease of their website, but also the discounts that they offer. Although, their are no Perfect Gourmet Coupons, they provide big discounts on selected entrees that they have.

They have as much as 5% to 25% discounts on specific entree items. When The Perfect Gourmet Coupon Codes become available, I would definitely be happy to inform you. Visit our Coupons and Coupon Codes page for active coupons.

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The Perfect Gourmet Coupons

Never ordinary but always delectable describes their entrees. From their aesthetic design itself, you can judge that they can bring you to a whole new level of dining experience. Their expert chefs hand picks the best ingredients and incorporate their knowledge of providing meals with all the nutritional values to ensure they not just get sumptuous meals, but are balanced and healthy too.

You can choose from their vast array of entrees, such as Salmon a la Ritz, Shrimp Alfredo, Braised Beef, Salmon Burgers, Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole, and more.
For their desserts, however, they only offer two choices as for the moment. You can enjoy their classic Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding and their Chocolate Bread Pudding for your breakfast to dinner. Nevertheless, the number of their dessert choices never compromises the quality of taste that they have.
Salmon a la Ritz gourmet entree from The Perfect Gourmet. Reviews soon to come. No The Perfect Gourmet coupons or The Perfect Gourmet coupon codes available at this time.
Salmon a la Ritz gourmet entree from The Perfect Gourmet

The Perfect Gourmet Coupon Codes

The ease and convenience of their website is another add-on feature that any customer would like. It is so user friendly as it has all the necessary information that you need for your special health specifications.

For instance, if you are dieting and want to ensure that you just eat the right amount of calories per day, you can simply visit their site and check out the nutritional information of your meal, which includes how much calorie they have, saturated fat, cholesterol, and total carbohydrates.
Their site even includes all the ingredients used for each meal, their food preparation instructions for reheating them in a microwave or oven, and even have their own allergic alerts for those who have food sensitivity.  If in case you do have an allergic reaction to one of their ingredients, you can simply call their customer hotline and have them substituted with another.

Advantages of The Perfect Gourmet Prepared Meals

  • Website is user friendly
  • Appetizers are great for bulk orders for parties, but can also be ordered in "small plate" servings
  • Site offers package contents, cost per servings, preparation instructions for both oven and microwave, and ingredients per meal they serve
  • They also provide allergy alert and nutritional information of each meal they serve, best for those with health specifications
  • Serving sizes are just right for the entire family of four to five family members
  • They offer 100% customer satisfaction, but would not hold responsible for any delivery delay, resulting to spoilage of items delivered.

Disadvantages of The Perfect Gourmet Prepared Meals

  • Appetizers offered are limited mostly to Asian flavors
  • They only offer two desserts
  • Shipping is through FedEx only and might take 5-7 days depending on your place, and they are automatically calculated to your purchase order.
  • A very small menu

The Perfect Gourmet Review

My reviews are based on my entire customer experience. A "thumbs up" means I found enough value in the product to say I would order it again, and a "thumbs down" could mean it was a good product, but I would not buy it again at the price I paid for it. This how I believe I can show you the best value for your money.

I have not yet tried any products from The Perfect Gourmet, but I will soon. Please subscribe to my email newsletters, and I will happy to let you know when I review their products.
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